DRS Tamarisk® Precision Series

The expertly calibrated Tamarisk® Precision Series offers accurate radiometric temperature measurement and unparalleled image quality. Tamarisk® Precision Series is complete with robust temperature ICE-o-Therms™, dynamic range switching and adjustable spotmeters.

With innovative detector design and precision calibration Tamarisk®320 now offers accurate radiometric temperature data coupled with its unparalleled image quality.

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With temperature ICE-o-Therms™ for delineating multiple regions with user defined color parameters, and 3D Noise Filter for scene optimization, Tamarisk®640 Precision is ideal for all applications requiring high-resolution clarity and precise radiometric data.

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Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™):
The Defining Feature


DRS Infrared’s proprietary technology for improving image contrast builds upon traditional

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